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About Us

About Mammo.com

Mammo.com is the industry leader for refurbished Hologic mammography systems. We specialize in sales, installation, and servicing. Offering a convenient and dependable one-stop solution for your hospital or clinic’s digital mammography needs.
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What We Offer


Every refurbished system we sell, deliver, and install comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty as well as applications training.


Thousands of new and tested parts ready to ship today, including Hologic detectors, tubes, & more.


Maximize up-time without compromising quality. We provide comprehensive service for your mammography systems.

What Makes Us Different

We maintain an inventory or ready-to-go refurbished systems for quick delivery and install.

We’re proud of our 98% System Uptime

We have the last cutoff time for overnight shipping in the nation at 5:30 pm Pacific Standard Time.

We do not charge extra for after-hours or weekend services.

Mammo.com Customer Insights

“Working with Mammo.com to install mammography systems in our facility was a game-changer. Not only did they offer competitive pricing, but their attention to detail and personalized approach made the entire process seamless.”

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“Choosing Mammo.com to equip our facility with mammography systems was one of the best decisions we’ve made. Not only did they offer us a great price, but their level of service exceeded our expectations.”

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“Mammo.com provided us with top-of-the-line equipment, but their ongoing support and maintenance ensure our operations run smoothly. Thank you, Mammo.com, for your outstanding service and dedication to women’s health.”

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Train With Mammo.com

The Mammo.com Training Academy is designed to give engineers a close look at the inner workings of mammography systems and to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to install, calibrate, replace parts, and perform a wide range of maintenance tasks.
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