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We provide full service for our mammography systems, including installation of parts, repairs & maintenance, and on-site training for staff.

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Save Money Without Compromising quality of service.

Preventative Maintenance

Plan Ahead with mammo.com to reduce downtime.

Explore a proactive approach to keep your system running smoothly.

Trained technicians ready to dispatch to your facility right away.

Time & Materials

PM not right for your facility? We offer time & material solutions your specific one time needs.

Customized service solutions to resolve your mammography system challenges.
A skilled technician will diagnose system issues, and provide an accurate solution that meets your needs.

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What Makes Us Different

We maintain an inventory or ready-to-go refurbished systems for quick delivery and install.

We’re proud of our 98% System Uptime

We have the last cutoff time for overnight shipping in the nation at 5:30 pm Pacific Standard Time.

We do not charge extra for after-hours or weekend services.

Mammo.com Happy Facilities

“We got our 3D system from Mammo.com, it works great!”



Steve G.

Food and Drug Administration - Maryland

“Michael and his team have installed many Hologic 3D systems here in Florida and all of them have passed Physics. They are very easy to work with and provide a great service.”

Travis G.

Physicist - Florida

Screen Shot 2024-04-01 at 11.43.10 AM

“Mammo.com handles the service for our 3 Hologic Dimensions Systems and is always there when we need them. Thank you!”


Mike D.

Northern California

Frequently Asked Questions

These are typical questions we get from the hospitals and facilities that buy our systems.

Powered by UMAC Radiology Sales and Service, Mammo.com is a dedicated mammography knowledge base for healthcare providers, radiology technicians, and managers of hospital systems and clinics. You’ve long trusted UMAC to provide you with radiology services, parts, and support—now we have a team fully committed to digital mammography with more than a decade of experience powering it.


A proven leader in the sale, installation, and service of refurbished Hologic mammography systems, Mammo.com offers a central source for supplying your hospital or clinic with refurbished digital mammography solutions. We are experts not only at installation but also in repairing refurbished Hologic mammography systems and in training radiology technicians to use them.

We provide free on-site applications training with the installation of all our mammography systems. We can also offer sites applications training and refreshers if they get new technologists.

If you have a service agreement and or a warranty on an existing system you will receive a dedicated service manager to rely on. If you currently don’t have any service with us, feel free and call us and one of our customer service representatives can help you right away.

Great question! Choosing the right machine for your practice is a complex decision. If you’re not sure already, we recommend speaking with our specialist before purchasing.

Please call 855-366-2666 for a personalized machine recommendation

In general, our refurbished machines can save you from 50% to 70% versus purchasing new from the OEM.

We have uptimes as high as 98% and a 3 level service guarantee.

Single Phase 208 volts to 240 volts with a 40amp disconnect.

YES! Despite Hologic designating Selenia 2D systems as end-of-life (EOL), we continue to offer support for these systems. We provide parts, maintenance, and full service agreements.

Phone support is offered 24/7. We work during the regular business day. Also after-hours & weekends at no additional charge. No overtime cost charged for any support or service. We offer yearly service agreements at competitive pricing. Our systems include varying warranties from 90 days to 5 years. Parts have a 90 day warranty outside of service agreements.

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