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Product Description

Brevera Breast Biopsy System

The Brevera Breast Biopsy System represents a breakthrough in biopsy efficiency, utilizing CorLumina imaging technology to offer a seamless experience for patients. Features include tissue capture, real-time imaging, verification, and tissue handling. This system ensures patient comfort and efficient workflow. You can now gather and evaluate tissue in real time using a single new product. This revolutionary method only takes 12 minutes for each process.

Breast Biopsy Reinvented
The Brevera Breast Biopsy System of Hologic changes the way breast biopsies are done, simplifying the entire breast biopsy procedure from A to Z. This technology is extremely efficient due to its real-time imaging for fast verification and automated specimen handling capabilities.

Increased Accuracy
The Brevera Breast Biopsy System uses real-time imaging to offer rapid visual feedback throughout the surgery. This function helps you place the biopsy needle accurately, resulting in an accurate tissue sample. It improves diagnostic accuracy and reduces sample mistakes by giving dynamic insights into tissue properties and spatial interactions. Finally, the Brevera System enables you to make confident clinical judgments, resulting in a higher quality of care.

Improved Patient Experience
Fast, precise, and streamlined breast biopsy procedures can reduce patient pain by minimizing the time spent under compression. This improves the whole biopsy process and promotes a more pleasant patient experience. Patients feel less fear and discomfort when procedures are done quickly and accurately, leading to increased compliance and satisfaction.

Enhanced Workflow
Our user-friendly interface, live imaging capabilities, and automated specimen collection system streamline operations – potentially cutting procedure times by 25% or more. This combination of user-friendly design and powerful technology improves productivity while allowing you to complete treatments more quickly and accurately.

Saving Time by Combining Multiple Steps into One
Conventional stereotactic treatments take eight stages, but Brevera technology allows you to conduct biopsies in just three steps. The method combines tissue capture, imaging, verification, and sample processing. This reduces five of the stages, while also saving time to an average of 12 minutes per patient.

Real-Time Imaging
The Brevera Breast Biopsy System gives you quick and useful information in the treatment room, helping you confidently make decisions without leaving the operating room. This real-time imaging capacity improves efficiency and accuracy, resulting in more seamless decision-making and better patient care.

Unmatched Efficiency
The intuitive interface makes operation easier, while enhanced sample management accelerates post-biopsy
processing, potentially lowering overall procedure times even further. The user-friendly design and efficient sample handling work seamlessly together to increase efficiency. This allows you to complete more tasks in less time without sacrificing quality.

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Mammo.com is a full-service provider of digital mammography system, which ranges from:
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Product Features

  • Increase accuracy.

Real-time imaging delivers a wealth of information to the point of care – so you can make informed clinical decisions with confidence.

  • Enhance workflow.

An intuitive user interface, real-time imaging, and automated specimen collection and separation work together to potentially reduce procedure times by up to 25% or more.

  • Improve the patient experience

Fast, accurate and streamlined procedures mean less time under compression and can result in a more positive biopsy experience for you and your patients.

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