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Product Description

Hologic is a women’s health tech company established in Massachusetts in 1985. Since its inception, Hologic has offered state-of-the-art mammography technology worldwide. The company’s dedication to women’s health and analysis products can be seen in the Hologic Securview Workstations that have been explicitly built with Radiologists in mind, allowing them to see more clearly and work more efficiently.

With seamless integration between 3 dimension and 2 dimension imaging, the SecurView DX diagnostic workstation is the perfect tool for any radiologist looking to see lesions, reduce the need for biopsies and make earlier detections of breast cancer.

With its highly efficient and personalizable 3DTM Breast Tomosynthesis Workflow Tools, it is clear to see why Hologic has been at the forefront of mammography technology for so long. From user preferences for scrolling mode, cine speed, and default slab thickness, all on a single 12 Megapixel LCD color display, this workstation blends usability with accuracy.

Opening up Digital Communication Channels

With full compliance with IHE mammography image profiles, be sure that this workstation will display all the information required to make highly accurate breast cancer diagnoses and warnings. In addition, with the ability to display standardized mammography images that can be viewed by all FFDM vendors and the ability to receive and analyze images from remote sites, these workstations grant any radiologist a little extra flexibility, which can make diagnosis and treatment so much easier.

When paired with the SecurView RT technologist or the Selenia Dimensions acquisition workflow manager (AWM), these workstations enable instant Bi-directional communication with technologists, opening up digital communication channels and allowing teamwork between departments to offer the best treatment imaginable.

Efficient Reviews

The ability to personalize ReportFlows for any critical situation with single-click navigation makes the SecurView workstation easy to use and incredibly accurate. The workstation also comes with intelligent roaming through quadrants on a full resolution, 12 Megapixel LCD color display, meaning diagnosis can be made more accurately.

Optional Features

The Securview workstation by Hologic offers a range of optional features dependent on your needs and specifications. From application synchronization, including Synchronization of user and patient context reporting to cluster configuration, the Hologic Selenia systems provide a service that is tailored to its user.

Advanced image analytics are also available as an optional feature. This package includes additional CAD-specific data with EmphaSizeTM and LesionMetricsTM tools and QuantraTM 2D and 3DTM breast density assessment displays.

When purchasing the Hologic SecurView workstation, you are also given the option of a multimodality image display. This includes the addition of one or two breast imaging modalities, software support, and the ability to review reports stored as Secondary Capture images

Software Only Option

On a side note, a Securview DX software-only option is available. If you are interested in this option, contact your representative for Hologic system hardware. However, please note that installation on a PACS workstation is not supported.

Overall, this workstation is perfect for any radiologist looking to provide a world-class women’s health service complete with quick high quality analysis and accessibility.

Product Features

Efficient Review

  • Personalize ReportFlows for any clinical situation
  • Single-click navigation through each programmed step
  • Automatic selection of desired ReportFlow based on exam type
  • Intelligent roaming through quadrants at full resolution
    Ergonomic, Intuitive Keypad (optional on some systems)
  • Single-touch support for navigation through tomosynthesis images,
    including scrolling, cine and toggle between 2D and 3DTM views
  • Single-click access to commonly used functions
  • Minimal keystrokes for all breast imaging modalities
    Image Distribution
  • Automatic retrieval of prior studies from PACS upon receipt of new
    images (auto-fetching)
  • Manually or automatically merge patient cases if patient presents with
    a different ID and date of birth combination (does not affect permanent
    archival on PACS)
  • Receive and analyze images from remote sites and mobile units

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