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Affirm Upright Attachment

Product Description

Hologic Affirm

Hologic Affirm is a breast biopsy solution that can help you increase efficiency, improve the patient experience, and get
the best results possible. With an average operation duration of only 13 minutes, this breast biopsy gadget saves time
under compressions, decreases x-ray radiation, and provides a better patient experience.


Breast Biopsy Device
Hologic Affirm offers the most comprehensive solution for treating patients. It includes an image-guiding system,

breast biopsy instruments, specimen imaging, site markers, and faster treatment alternatives. This 3D breast biopsy-
guided system enables the rapid transition from screening to 2D or 3D interventional procedures utilizing 3D

mammography-enabled biopsy equipment. The Hologic Affirm allows for unambiguous localization of lesions, which
are often only apparent with tomosynthesis imaging. This allows for reliable biopsy of tough situations.


Superior Imaging
The biopsy option of Hologic Affirm allows for the detection of tiny lesions and weak calcifications. Even those which
may only be apparent with tomography. The proven direct-capture detector in your mammography equipment allows
you to biopsy lesions discovered during screening with confidence. The high-resolution images of 18 x 24 cm have a
vast field of view. This allows for easy visualization of worrisome regions. Therefore, you can quickly identify tiny
tumors and mild calcifications, including some that may only be evident with tomography.


Streamlined Workflow
The Hologic Affirm is efficient, quick, and simple to understand and apply. This innovative technology offers a simple
user interface to assist deliver a quick biopsy with fewer steps and a reduced patient dosage. With one-click targeting,
you can rapidly and confidently pinpoint lesions. The automated tube-head placement for imaging reduces the need

for manual X-ray tube adjustments, speeding up processes. On the other hand, the intuitive design, simple touch-
screen controls, and clear display of safety margins allow mammography users to rapidly master interventional



Versatile Options
Discover the versatility of the Hologic Affirm, enabling effortless transitions between standard and lateral needle
techniques with precision. Seamlessly shift from screening to interventional biopsies, catering to a diverse range of
patients’ needs. Easily upgrade your Selenia Dimensions or Selenia 3Dimensions system into a comprehensive biopsy
solution with this lightweight, portable device. With a simple software update, unlock the potential for advanced 3D
biopsies. The optional lateral arm attachment swiftly installs, providing access to challenging lesions. Positioned
parallel to the detector, it proves invaluable for delicately positioned breasts, ensuring patient comfort and procedural


Simplified Breast Biopsy Process
The Hologic Affirm upright system allows you to perform quick and successful biopsies. It’s built from the bottom up
to operate seamlessly with the Selenia Dimensions and 3Dimensions systems, streamlining productivity and
accelerating operations. It uses the same image chain as your mammography equipment to enhance the 3D visibility
of worrisome lesions. Furthermore, the lateral arm attachment improves your access to a wide range of problematic
lesions. This allows you to handle them quickly, simply, and confidently.


One Comprehensive Solution
Hologic’s mammography and biopsy systems operate together as one comprehensive set of breast cancer diagnosis
solutions. It helps you enhance productivity, maximize the patient experience, and get the best possible results. These
systems offer the most comprehensive solutions for treating your patients. It includes image-guiding systems, breast
biopsy instruments, specimen imaging, site markers, and faster treatment alternatives.


Full-Service Provider
Mammo.com is a full-service provider of digital mammography system, which ranges from:
• Consultation
• Site Planning
• Delivery
• Installation / De-Installation
• Spare Parts
• Service
• Refurbished Systems
• Shielding

Product Features

Elevate your breast biopsy capabilities with the Affirm Upright Biopsy Attachment from Hologic, designed for seamless integration with Hologic’s 3D mammography systems. This attachment transforms diagnostic units into versatile biopsy stations without requiring additional space, enhancing both functionality and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Precision Imaging: Leverages Hologic’s advanced 3D imaging for accurate lesion targeting and needle placement.
  • Patient Comfort: Offers an upright seating position, reducing anxiety and discomfort, facilitating access to challenging lesions.
  • Quick Conversion: Easily attaches to existing systems, maximizing the utility of your imaging suite.
  • Intuitive Operation: Features automated functions and a user-friendly interface to streamline the biopsy process.
  • Flexible Needle Positioning: Allows for precise targeting anywhere within the breast, ensuring effective tissue sampling.
  • Efficient Design: Minimizes procedure time and enhances patient throughput with its ergonomic and rapid-setup design.

The Affirm Upright Biopsy Attachment not only improves the accuracy and efficiency of breast biopsies but also enhances patient comfort and safety. A cost-effective solution, it upgrades your existing mammography systems, broadening your service capabilities with minimal investment. Discover more about how this innovative attachment can transform your practice at Mammo.com.

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