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Product Description

Experience All the Benefits of Hologic Selenia Dimensions with an AWS 5000 Configuration

Hologic Selenia Dimensions with AWS 5000 Configuration is an innovative product that delivers unsurpassed mammography imaging performance. Combining the world-renowned quality of Hologic Selenia Dimensions and advanced features from AWS 5000, it delivers outstanding image clarity and diagnostic accuracy using 3dimiensions imaging for exceptional patient comfort as well as increased workflow efficiency. This configuration truly has it all!

Speed and Efficiency

The AWS 5000 Configuration was created to streamline mammography workflows by expediting image acquisition and storage. Capturing up to 150 images per second allows it to reduce patient wait times for improved patient experiences, with user-friendly software features like automated CAD analysis tools and customizable reporting templates making diagnosing breast cancer much simpler than ever. Hologic Dimensions with AWS 5000 Configuration also offers quick and easy sharing of images and reports between facilities, allowing doctors to quickly collaborate on patient cases.

Unbeatable Image Quality

The Hologic Selenia Dimensions system delivers unsurpassed image quality thanks to its sophisticated 3DimensionalTM imaging technology and detailed projection algorithm, producing sharp and clear views of all areas of breast for enhanced diagnostic accuracy. Furthermore, AWS 5000 Configuration can integrate with other Hologic solutions like Tomos for even more detailed 3D images.

Comfort and Convenience for Patients

The AWS 5000 Configuration was designed with patient comfort in mind. Utilizing a wide-angle compression paddle that enables radiologists to capture images without additional positioning requirements, making the experience more pleasant for patients. Furthermore, this system includes adjustable armrests and chairs to maximize patient comfort during procedures.

Connectivity and Remote Access

The AWS 5000 Configuration provides users with a secure cloud platform that enables remote access, making patient images quickly available, archived studies accessible, and case discussions among colleagues no matter their location. With native integration into Hologic’s SynopsisTM RIS/PACS system, this configuration ensures rapid data transmission while protecting patient confidentiality.

Cost-Effective Solution

The AWS 5000 Configuration offers impressive performance at an economical price. It boasts a low total cost of ownership, providing significant savings in hardware and software expenses over its lifecycle of use. Furthermore, its intuitive design requires minimal upkeep or maintenance costs, further cutting expenses associated with equipment use.

Comprehensive Support System [CPS]

Hologic Selenia Dimensions with AWS 5000 Configuration comes complete with a comprehensive support system, featuring dedicated service technicians and engineers available for guidance, troubleshooting, training users, as well as offering tailored applications designed to maximize user experience and ensure optimal performance.

Hologic Selenia Dimensions with AWS 5000 Configuration provides unrivaled imaging clarity and accuracy, along with advanced features designed to speed workflow, making it the ideal solution for mammography imaging. Boasting exceptional image quality, patient comfort features, remote access capabilities and cost-cutting benefits all-in-one package, healthcare providers cannot afford to overlook this investment opportunity.

Get ahead of the competition by investing in this groundbreaking product now to take advantage of all it can do to enhance the quality and efficiency of mammography imaging. Hologic Selenia Dimensions with AWS 5000 Configuration offers so much that can benefit your imaging process – take full advantage of it today.

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