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Hologic Dimensions 3D Mammography System

Product Description

Selenia Dimensions 9000

Selenia Dimensions 9000 is a revolutionary mammography system that detects breast cancer in its early stages. The
Selenia Dimensions 9000 3D mammography system produces accurate images because of its great design and useful
features. These features help simplify your daily tasks and improve performance. Take the lead in breast cancer
imaging by offering this 3D mammography exam to the women in your clinic.

3D Mammography System

High Accuracy
The Selenia Dimensions 9000 allows you to provide exceptional service through its ergonomic design and clever
workflow features. This digital mammography system uses modern technology to provide high-resolution images with
precise anatomical information for reliable diagnosis. With its automated 3D tomosynthesis capacity, the Selenia
Dimensions 9000 reduces false positives, allowing for more accurate breast cancer detection and diagnosis.

Improved Ergonomics
The new mammography system is designed for improved comfort and safety for both patients and operators with
enhanced ergonomics. The higher table height makes it easier to position patients without straining your back. The
user-friendly interface makes operations simpler with just a few clicks. Automated exposure control and advanced
image processing improve the system’s imaging performance, allowing it to make accurate diagnoses.
Effective Workflow with Powerful Features
The Selenia Dimensions 9000 3D mammography system has various basic features that provide an efficient workflow
and high performance:

Hands-Free Imaging
The large X-ray tabletop button and the X-ray foot switch allow for hand-free imaging for enhanced convenience.
Additionally, the system boasts adjustable tabletop controls, powered memory height adjustment, and a display
monitor with tilt/swivel technology. This allows to take images on the same monitor as they are acquired.

Biometric Login
The Selenia Dimensions 9000 includes a biometric login feature for added security and convenience. This feature lets
users access the system without entering a password every time. It saves time and eliminates the need to remember
multiple passwords. The revolutionary mammography system also has a touch screen control monitor that makes
navigating easier than ever.

Personalized Height Adjustment
This 3D mammography system is further equipped with a fixed mount that allows for a secure display of the monitor.
The system also has a high-resolution 3-megapixel monitor for detailed images. It has a wide viewing angle which
makes it easy to view from any angle.

Improved Imaging Performance
The Selenia Dimensions 3D mammography system comes with a complete Diagnostic Imaging Kit and License. It
supports dynamic tube head movements, advanced features such as MPPS and Dose SR, and Notices Licensing. This
guarantees that the system can deliver improved imaging performance and diagnostic accuracy.

Sophisticated Breast Imaging Technology
Selenia Dimensions 9000 uses sophisticated breast imaging technology to identify cancer earlier than ever before. This
mammography test combines the advantages of digital breast tomosynthesis with automated tissue density and contrast assessment. Its cutting-edge capabilities give a complete anatomical image of the breast. This makes it easier
to detect and diagnose invasive tumors at an early stage.

Drastic Reduction of False Positives
The 3D mammography system is a cutting-edge imaging tool. It can detect cancer 41% more accurately than
traditional methods. It can also detect cancer at an earlier stage. This new device uses 3D imaging. It shows doctors a
detailed picture of the breast. It also provides information on tissue density and contrast. The technology provides a
more accurate anatomical image of the breast, reducing false positives by up to 40%. This leads to fewer patient
recalls (by 49%) and fewer biopsies (by 21%), ultimately improving clinical efficiency.

Limited Radiation
Experience the pinnacle of safety and efficiency with the Selenia Dimensions 9000 3D mammography test. Harnessing
state-of-the-art algorithms and processing technologies, this system excels in limiting radiation exposure without
compromising on image quality, ensuring patients benefit from minimized radiation exposure levels. What’s more, its
intuitive and user-friendly interface streamlines workflow with effortless navigation, requiring just a few clicks. This
not only enhances diagnostic speed but also elevates accuracy, empowering healthcare professionals to deliver
optimal care with confidence.

Features Selenia Dimensions 9000

The Selenia Dimensions 9000 3D mammography system includes:
• The device has a streamlined tube head. It also has a 70 cm Source-to-Image Distance (SID). This allows for
more precise placement during interventional procedures.
• The Selenia Dimensions 9000 features a high-resolution display with 2 or 3 MP DICOM calibration, enabling
detailed viewing.
• The imaging system recalls previous examinations, allowing for a side-by-side comparison of fresh and
previous pictures.
• Optimized face shield:
-Retractable for easier patient placement.
-The imaging system is stationary, allowing patients to remain in the same posture as with 2D imaging.
• The FAST Paddle system fits the breast’s natural curves for increased comfort and uniform compression.
• All paddles are compatible with 2D and 3D imaging.

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Mammo.com is a full-service provider of digital mammography system, which ranges from:
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Product Features

Streamlining workflow

The Hologic Dimensions 3D system performs the imaging of tomorrow, today. All configurations offer the following features.

High-resolution display for the Hologic Dimensions 3D:

Images that can be instantly viewed on the Hologic Dimensions 3D with a 2 MP or 3MP DICOM-calibrated display, providing exceptionally fine detail.

The Hologic Dimensions 3D allows prior breast imaging studies to be recalled, making it possible to view new and prior images side-by-side.

Optimized face shield for Hologic Dimensions 3D:

  • Retractable to help when positioning patients on the Hologic Dimensions 3D.
  • Stationary during 3D™ imaging, allowing patients to be positioned as they are for 2D imaging.

FAST Paddle system for Hologic Dimensions 3D:

  • Conforms to natural contours of the breast, providing greater comfort to the patient and more even compression across the entire breast.
  • All paddles used for 2D and 3D™ imaging.

Streamlined tube head:

  • The Hologic Dimensions 3D has a streamlined tube head and ample Source-to Image Distance (SID) of 70 cm, making positioning easier and providing more space for interventional procedures.

Multiple procedure modes for Hologic Dimensions 3D:

  • 2D mammography
  • Genius 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™
  • Low-dose Genius 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™
  • 3D MAMMOGRAPHY™ only
  • 2D or 3D™ biopsy with the AffirmTM breast biopsy guidance system
  • I-ViewTM software for Contrast Enhanced 2D Imaging

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